Solving `ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘trainer’` in Qwiklabs

In Cloud ML Engine: Qwik Start

At the step of Run a local training job, One of the attendees of our GDG Kampala study jam experienced the following error on running this command:

$ gcloud ml-engine local train \
> — module-name trainer.task \
> — package-path trainer/ \
> — job-dir $MODEL_DIR \
> — \
> — train-files $TRAIN_DATA \
> — eval-files $EVAL_DATA \
> — train-steps 1000 \
> — eval-steps 100
/Users/whoami/anaconda3/bin/python: Error while finding module specification for ‘trainer.task’ (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘trainer’)

The solution:

Download this zip and cd into it to access the missing modules.


You can find more of the instructions to download these files here:

Qwiklabs, has anyone else reported this?

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