• Kalujja Eric

    Kalujja Eric

    software Engineer | chess player | http://kal-portfolio.netlify.app/

  • Bruno Nicholas

    Bruno Nicholas

    Hmm aaha! it's all about Jesus, my Lord and savior.

  • Dorothy Kabarozi

    Dorothy Kabarozi

    Software Engineer | Data Ethusiast|Life Long Learner | Lover of plants

  • Charles Taylor Ochan

    Charles Taylor Ochan

  • Asiimwe Delick

    Asiimwe Delick

    Software Developer | X-DSC Lead

  • Kisalu Andrew

    Kisalu Andrew

  • Sciencebeta


    I write research-backed stories about Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medicine. An insatiably curious Asclepiadae living in Epidaurus.

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